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Create your own topos online

We support the efforts of local activists and members of the climbing community who collect and disseminate information about routes and crags as a contribution to the climbing community for non-commercial purposes.*

You might be a local climber who hand-draws the topos to your local area, or keep the local record of new routes. Or you might administer a website hosting free online topos and a route database open to anyone to contribute to. Or you might be a local or regional club or organisation whose definitive are guides have been put together by your volunteers.

theSend is a user-friendly programme with a set of intuitive topo-drawing tools and a database framework that makes it possible for information to be transformed into an accessible online format, downloadable as a PDF, or as an iPhone or Android app.

If you are interested in using our platform to make collecting and sharing topo information easier and more professional in presentation then please contact us. We would be very happy to explore how we can help enhance your contribution, as a way of making our own contribution.

Public access to this feature is coming soon, please register to keep up to date with progress on this section of the site.
If you want to create your own community based topo as an author, please get in touch and we will be be happy to help.

*By non-commercial we mean situations where topos are made available without charge, or where proceeds from the sale of topos go primarily towards the equipping and maintenance of a crag, e.g. to a bolt fund or access efforts.