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We respect your privacy and handle your data with the care that we would expect our own data to be handled. If you are browsing the site we do not collect any personally identifiable information from you and only monitor the IP addresses of visitors to assess the number of visitors to the site and which pages are most viewed.


We don't like spam and we know that you don't either. We will never sell or pass on your information to any third party. We will not bombard your inbox with emails, but if we need to keep you posted on some important aspect of the site we would like to be able to email you with that information. You can control what information you receive from us through the preferences area of your profile page if you are a registered user.

You can delete any of your profile information at any time; we will ensure that it is permanently removed from our servers. We value honesty and transparency, if you would like to know what information we have on our systems relating to you, please ask via our support page.