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Climbing guidebook publishers

Are you a guidebook publisher interested in complementing your publications with climbing guides for the iPhone?

We are looking for guidebook publisher partners who want to be part of the next wave of digital age publishing to collaborate with on future iPhone topo applications.

Whether you are looking to publish an iPhone guide to an area that is comprehensive, or a selection of climbs from different areas, theSend makes the process of turning available content into iPhone app format a smooth and efficient one.

TheSend is a powerful new IT platform that enables iPhone topo guides to be developed without the need to build costly bespoke programmes. It is a full-featured and versatile programme that enables guidebook or database content to be seamlessly plugged into the framework as well as allowing customisation to different requirements. The iPhone's interface can be exploited to offer features and functions specific to each application that paper guides can't readily provide, such as ease of updates, personalised view, real-time weather information as well as search and sync facilities.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us via our contact page