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North Wales Rock Climbing Topo App

• Last Update 27th March 2013
• Full Guide Released 21st Nov 2011


A select climbing guidebook to North Wales authored by Mark Reeves which concentrates on the classic rock routes of the area from the sea cliffs of Gogarth to the mountains Snowdonia. The first edition of the guide contained over 650 routes with 140 topos covering 7 major climbing areas in North Wales: Gogarth, Llanberis Pass, Slate, Ogwen Valley, Tremadog, Moelwyns and a handful of routes on North Wales Limestone.

In the 2nd edition we added almost 100 more routes, 16 new topos and updated several of the existing ones, taking the opportunity to split the more complex crags e.g. Tremadog into smaller chunks, adding a few new crags and also re-organising the Gogarth section into more logical sections.

The latest edition added over 50 extra routes and added Pant Ifan and Upper Tier crags to Tremadog, North Stack Wall to Gogarth, Scimitar Ridge to Llanberis Pass and added Craig Dorys to a new Lleyn section, incorporating Trwyn Maen Melyn (previously featured in the Tremadog section). We have also revamped 123 of the existing topos to make use of the larger screen on the iPhone 5

Details of these changes can be found in the supporting North Wales Rock website which Mark has also put together in addition to the app. This site contains full information on the guide itself and the areas, crags and routes that it covers. Route information is also covered in the 'About' section of the taster app along with contact and feedback links.

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Full Guide
You can find the full guide for iPhone on the App Store or for Android on Google Play by searching for 'North Wales Rock Climbing' or 'TheSend topo apps' alternatively just follow the links below. The full guide is available for £5.99 (or local currency equivalent) in both stores:

Free Taster App
The taster app is a fully featured version of the full application with full coverage of one crag, Vivian Quarry on the slate.

Don't forget to send us any comments or feedback via our contact page so that we can incorporate this into our next update.

Main features:

  • A general introduction to the app
  • Overview map of all the crags covered in the app
  • Information, online Google maps and offline sketch maps for each Area (e.g. Gogarth, Slate) covered along with a crag listing for that Area.
  • Detailed information for each crag including:
    • Parking, access and approach information for each crag
    • Interactive sector by sector topos
    • Up to date routes and problems lists with full descriptions
  • Directions to the crag parking from your current location* in Google maps by tapping the parking map-pins
  • Crag search
  • A 'Crag Planner' with banded grade lists showing the number of routes in each band for every crag in the guide (full retail guide only).
  • All of the guidebook information is loaded into the app so it remains fully operational with or without a phone signal1.


How to use

This app uses standard navigation features familiar across smart phone apps, other features that may not be immediately obvious include:

  1. Topo downloads can be stopped and resumed as often as you wish by tapping the 'Check for Updates' section at the bottom of the Home Screen, so no need to worry if your Wi-Fi connection drops mid-download you can just wait until you are back online and restart the process until they are all downloaded. Once this is complete the app will operate fully offline (except Google Maps) and does not need an internet connection at all.
  2. From the Crag detail page, the sector overview will show a paged set of sectors with a thumbnail of the topo and a sector description, tapping the thumbnail image will load that sector.
  3. From within a sector, tapping the sector picker button in the bottom left toolbar will show the Sector Overview screen that can be used as above, or dismissed by tapping the Done button.
  4. When viewing a sector, you can switch between the topo and routes listing using the buttons in the right of the bottom toolbar; from the routes listing page, tapping a route will switch back to the topo with the route and description shown. Selecting a route from the topo page will scroll the route listing to centre in the selected route.
  5. From the topo page, you can view a description of a route by tapping the route badge, or if the route description is already open you can navigate across the routes in that sector by swiping the description left or right.
  6. To get directions to a crag's parking area, you can tap the parking pin in a map which will allow you to load the Maps App with the parking GPS coordinates as your destination and your current location* as the start.

* The app will only use location data to to indicate your current position on the map, it is not stored or transmitted externally.


Screen shots


Feedback and support

Any comments on route descriptions, grades and topo information would be welcome so that we can refine the information shown in subsequent updates. This topo app is a living document which can change to reflect current consensus and the condition of the routes it describes. Please send your feedback via the email link in the app, or use the online form on this site to help us make the information shown as accurate as possible.

We are constantly looking to improve how our app platform works and to develop new features and functions. Please get in touch and let us have your comments on how you find the app and what features you'd like to see in the future.