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Select Donegal Rock Climbing Guide 2013

About the Guide

This App is a select guide to all the best areas, islands, crags and routes in Co. Donegal. Due to the vast volume of rock, routes and climbing locations available, this guide contains just over 1000 of the best recorded rock climbs in Co Donegal with all the climbs featured on photo topos.

All 200+ photo topos were taken from the best angles and weather conditions to allow the user to very easily identify their chosen routes. To assist in the location of individual crags a series of crag topos are used where there is a group of crags in a specific small area. The actual crag topos are fully interactive and all routes are clickable links to highlight the line and display the route descriptions.

In addition to this select guide there is a series of 21 definitive guides to the entire county, each is a sectional guide and is in the PDF format. These definitive guides are all linked into the home pages of each chapter in the app and are available as free downloads from

Donegal Rock Climbing Topo App for iPhone Available on the App Store Donegal Rock Climbing Topo App for Android on Google Play  

You now have many lifetimes of world class rock climbing to play on, please bring with you a sense of humour, sun cream and a pair of wellies.

Don't forget to send us any comments or feedback via our contact page so that we can incorporate this into future updates.

Main features:

  • A general introduction to the app
  • Crag search and maps for the whole guide, area by area and crag level
  • Detailed crag info including parking, access and approach information
  • Detailed sector by sector information with interactive topos
  • Swipe left/right in route info (topo) to select the next left (or right) route in the current topo
  • All of the guidebook information is loaded into the app so it remains fully operational with or without a phone signal+.


How to use

This app uses standard navigation features familiar across smart phone apps, other features that may not be immediately obvious include:

  1. In order to keep the application download file size small, the app isn't preloaded with any of the topo images; these can be downloaded into the app by tapping 'Check for Updates' near the bottom of the Home Screen.
    The update can take a few minutes and you are recommended to use a stable Wi-Fi connection, but no need to worry if your connection drops mid-way through you can just wait until you are back online and restart the process. Once this is complete the app will operate fully offline (except Google/iOS Maps) and does not need an internet connection at all.
  2. To get directions to a crag's parking area, you can tap the directions button which will allow you to load the default Maps App with the GPS coordinates as your destination and your current location* as the start.

* The app will only use location data to to indicate your current position on the map, it is not used by us for any other purpose.
+ Directions and 'Online Maps' will not be available if you do not have a signal.


Screen shots


Download the App

You can find the full guide for iPhone on the App Store or for Android on Google Play by searching for 'Donegal Rock Climbing' or 'TheSend topo apps' alternatively just follow the links below. The full guide is available for £5.99 (or local currency equivalent) in both stores.

Feedback and support

Any comments or feedback would be welcome so that we can refine the information shown in subsequent updates. Please send your feedback via the email link in the app, or use the online form on this site to help us make the information shown as accurate as possible.

We are constantly looking to improve how our app platform works and to develop new features and functions. Please get in touch and let us have your comments on how you find the app and what features you'd like to see in the future.