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Prilep - Bouldering In Macedonia

More Information about the Climbing Topo App for Prilep, Macedonia

by Lukas Tonpres. Published by theSend topo apps smartphone publishing platform. All rights reserved. ©2012.

More Information

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This guide details known boulder problems on the beautiful hillside of Kamena Baba overlooking the town of Prilep and at it's first issue contains nearly 250 problems with over 100 boulder-topos, with drawn sector and area maps to help you find your way around. There is still plenty of scope for development and we would ask you to help us keep the guide as up to date as possible by sending us details of your new problems (name, GPS location, photo & date).

In addition to the app, we are also putting together this supporting mini-site which contains full information on the guide itself and the areas, boulders and problems that it covers. New routing information, contact and feedback links are included below and also in the 'About' section of the App.

We are continuing to collect new route information from climbers who are exploring the area, repeating routes and putting up new problems of their own. If you add any new routes or problems or leave an open project please let us know so that we can update the guide and website to let other climbers know. Be sure to email a photo of the problem, route name, grade and brief description.
You can email new route information to Steve or Lukas using this link.
Thanks, and happy climbing!


How to get to Prilep

Direct flights to Skopje from London ( Luton Airport / direct flights only on Saturdays and Tuesdays) takes 3h, and cost £150-£200 + bags (crash pads etc.). From Skopje you can either:
- by Car. You can rent a car at the airport (Europcar) and drive to Prilep, 130km, 2,5-3 hours
- by Bus. Take a taxi to Skopje Bus Station (15 - 20 Euro / 60 denars = 1 euro / 70 denars = £1) and then then take a bus (one of about 14/day) to Prilep or Bitula via Prilep (one way ticket approx 500denars).

Where to stay

Hotel Breza
a nice little hotel (approx 14 euro/ day + breakfast), please see Hotel Breza website.

Motel Markovi Kuli
A very cheap ( 6euro / day) motel situated in the north east part of Prilep by the City Swimming Pool Markovi Kuli, more info at

There is an unofficial campsite near the bouldering area (marked on the map), GPS: -41.374297,21.572684

Or you can contact the Head of Macedonia Climbing Club, Hristo, who is from Prilep. He will gladly help you find some place to stay. He can also be a guide around town and bouldering areas (wont cost you much), he can be contacted on 0038 975 600 315


The best months to visit are Spring (March - May) and Autumn (September - October) where average temperatures are between 10 and 17°C with low rainfall and dry conditions. See weather statistics Prilep at the Norweigan Metrological Institute website, and you can check the latest forecast here: Latest weather for Prilep.


To everyone who has helped with this guide. Some of the photos and topos, used in this guide, have been shared with us by the Slovenian climbers: Katja Bajec, Miha Hribar, Urh Cehovin who have created their own pdf topo with a help of other climbers from Slovenia.

Also big thanks to: Sašo Božič, Matjaž Zorko, Joži Pavlič, Žiga Janež, Bremec Aljoša and Rok, my CLIMBING COMPANIONS who helped me during my trip.