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North Wales Rock Climbing

Online Guidebook for Rock Climbing in North Wales

This guidebook is brought to you by the topo apps publishing platform in conjunction with LifeInTheVertical, and is authored by Mark Reeves (also author of the coaching book 'How To Climb Harder'). The information contained within this guide should give you nearly a lifetime's worth of climbing across Snowdonia and North West Wales. As well as this web guide there is also a phone app, available for iPhone and Android (with Windows Phone to follow if there is sufficient demand).

Areas Covered

The scope of this guide is for North Wales, and we have concentrated on the classic rock routes of the area from the sea cliffs of Gogarth to the mountains Snowdonia. The areas covered in the first edition of this website are:

The joy of having this guidebook online is of course we can update, alter and correct route descriptions, topos and access information as frequently as we like with the powerful database that drives this website.

The Phone App

As well as keeping this website up to date the database is also at the heart of the phone app, and many people wonder why they should take the time and money to download the app, when all the information is here on the website for free.

Well the app does more than just access the database, when you purchase the app the database is up loaded to your phone, along with the topos and all the information you need. Meaning that there is no need to wait for the topos to upload, which in North Wales may take time and potentially money.

The reason that the download times are slow is that there is no 3G reception in North Wales, in fact at some crags there simply isn't any reception and at Gogarth most phones roam to an Irish Mobile Network, which can be expensive if you are data roaming.

It's not expensive either £6 for an entire guidebook to North Wales, that fits in your pocket, weighs less than any other selected guidebook to North Wales and has interactive maps. For the price of two pints of Beer, the whole of North Wales Climbing is literally right at your fingertips.

Vital Statistics

Of course, there's nothing more compelling than putting down the vital statistics on just what you are getting for your money, and compared to around £25 for any modern guidebook, that £6 is going to seem even more value for money. In the first edition of the guide we covered over 650 routes in 145 topos across 7 major climbing areas in North Wales. In this edition we have added almost 100 more routes, 7 new topos and updated several of the existing ones, taking the opportunity to split the more complex crags e.g. Tremadog into smaller chunks, adding a few new crags and also re-organising the Gogarth section into more logical sections.
To see how these routes breakdown across the areas we have compiled the list below.


Amazing aerial photo-topos, see Gogarth like you have never seen it before. In this version of the guide the previous Gogarth section has been split into 3 areas each covering smaller sections of Anglesey; adding the sport crags on the west coast near Benllech and separating out the Rhoscolyn crags into their own area.

  • Gogarth
    D to HVD - 3 routes
    S to VS - 27 routes
    HVS to E1 - 27 routes
    E2 to E3 - 24 routes
    E4 and above - 7 routes
  • Rhoscolyn
    D to HVD - 1 route
    S to VS - 5 routes
    HVS to E1 - 9 routes
    E2 to E3 - 5 routes
    E4 and above - 6 routes
  • Benllech Crags
    HVS to E1 - 1 route
    F4 to F5 - 2 routes
    5+ to 6a+ - 8 routes
    6b to 6c+ - 13 routes
    7a and above - 1 route

Llanberis Pass

All major crags covered save for Cryn Las and Lliwedd which may appear in later generations of the guide.

Llanberis Pass
D to HVD - 13 routes
S to VS - 37 routes
HVS to E1 - 40 routes
E2 to E3 - 18 routes
E4 and above - 2 routes


An extensive guide, featuring virtually all the new easy sports routes, with over a staggering 300 routes covered, as well as nearly all of the most classic lines.

1 Boulder problem V3 to V4
S to VS - 9 routes
HVS to E1 - 33 routes
E2 to E3 - 62 routes
E4 and above - 61 routes
F3 and below - 2 routes
4 to 5 - 33 routes
5+ to 6a+ - 38 routes
6b to 6c+ - 31 routes
7a and above - 43 routes

Ogwen Valley

A nice covering of easy classic routes. We have not covered the mountain crags of Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr.

Ogwen Valley
D to HVD - 38 routes
S to VS - 31 routes
HVS to E1 - 19 routes
E2 to E3 - 3 routes
E4 and above - 4 routes

Tremadog and Beyond

The western part of Snowdonia around Porthmadog, Cearnarfon and Abersoch.

Tremadog and Beyond
D to HVD - 5 routes
S to VS - 13 routes
HVS to E1 - 8 routes
E2 to E3 - 12 routes
E4 and above - 3 routes


We have yet to get Wrysgan and Clipiau online. The areas covered here are Clogwyn Yr Oen, Craig Tonnau and Carreg Altrem.

D to HVD - 3 routes
S to VS - 13 routes
HVS to E1 -3 routes

North Wales Limestone

This is a mere taster, as local activists have put together a definitive guide and accompanying app which will be available shortly through

North Wales Limestone
F4 to F5 - 4 routes
5+ to 6a+ - 10 routes
6b to 6c+ - 7 routes
7a and above - 6 routes

Please use the links above to explore these areas in more detail.