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The Dinorwic Quarries

Slate is unlike any other medium to climb on, often totally frictionless the climbing rely's on tiny edges that a climber must crimp desperately or balance tentatively on the edges of there rock shoe in order to succeed. Originally a place of 'designer danger' where run-out slabs were deriguer, today some of the quarries have been tamed by an abundance of sport climbing, however the 'old school' classic are still there, sometimes quite literally alongside the new breed of safer routes.

Areas Covered

The dinorwic slate quarries are a complex place when you first visit, however they give a feeling that you aren't just climbing but exploring a whole new 'post-industrial' graveyard; where anything can lurk round the next corner or through the next tunnel. To help you explore we have broken the area into major and minor sectors.

Area Map