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About the Guide

We're a team of good friends and keen climbers working to create beautiful, engaging digital rock climbing guidebooks.
The Kalymnos Bolt Fund App is born out of a passion to put something back into the sport that has given us so much enjoyment. By buying this guide you can be sure that 100% of the profits will go directly into the bolt fund.

kalymnos rock climbing topo app, feature image
kalymnos rock climbing topo app, feature image
kalymnos rock climbing topo app, offline maps

The making of the Kalymnos Rock Climbing Guidebook app

Contrary to what many might think, writing a guidebook is not an easy task. Just ask any guidebook writer. And writing a guidebook app is arguably even harder.

The first crag shots for this guide were taken in 2008 and work on the project started to take a serious turn in 2011. We were lucky to have as collaborators Steve and Sue McDonnell who run the Glaros Bolt Fund. When they’ve not been working in their café, Steve and Sue McDonnell been out almost every free day they've had this past year to walk the crags, check routes and draw topos.

We also enjoyed the assistance of the Municipality of Kalymnos, and George Hatzismalis in particular, who employed 6 staff members to walk every crag on the island to collect route names. These were matched up against the entries in new routes book that resides in the Glaros Bar and those that had been reported to the Tourism Office and then double checked on the crags again. Many trips were made to the Island to gather high-quality photos for the approach maps and topos. Some 4000+ photos later, we ere back to the crags again equipped With iPads, clipboards and binoculars to draw the topo lines into our photos.

It's taken 3 years just to collect the information alone, not to mention the thousands of hours of work that the developer team of Steve Golley, Laurence Weil and Tom Elliott put in to produce the code that powers the app on iPhone and Android devices.

As you flick through the app and enjoy its many features, we hope that the genuine care, attention to detail and the effort that has gone into the app will be apparent. It is one of the reasons why a small number of crags are missing in the first release, as there were a few places we hadn’t gotten out to personally check. Fortunately, this isn't going to be an issue since we're not publishing a book with a 4 year shelf life. Instead the app format allows us add in the crags we were not able to add in the first release and to keep it updated on an ongoing basis as new info become available. It is a “living document”.

So why have we done it?

Kalymnos is a very special destination that brings climbers back year after year. The rapid development of new routes on the island is great for climbers and provides much needed tourist revenues, but it also means that Kalymnos faces a unique problem of bolt maintenance on a huge scale. It’s for this reason that we wanted to take a leaf out of the book of French guidebook writers, and to develop a way by which the local climbing community could fund the development and maintenance work in their local areas. It is why we developed theSend, a digital platform designed specifically to let non-technical users (e.g. local climbers, bolt fund maintainers etc.) publish their own high quality digital guidebooks.

We very much hope that you will make a contribution to the bolt fund by buying this guide or going into the Glaros Bar in Massouri and putting some money into the collection box there.

Donate to the Glaros Bar bolt fund

You can make a direct donation through the Paypal page.

Happy climbing!

  • Coverage 90%
  • Profits to the bolt fund 100%
  • Works Offline 100%
  • New routes since the 2010 Paper Guide 100%
  • Approach Maps 100%
  • Full Colour Topos 100%

More features

Whilst we build on the content in the App we are also continuing with the development of the platform. Check back soon for more features, how-to videos and the latest developments

100% of the profits from the sale of this guide go straight into the bolt fund

That's nice, but what do you mean by 'Profits'?

A lot of people have asked for clarification on what we mean by 'profits' as there is clearly a huge amount of effort that has gone into the app.

Many people expect us to recoup our development costs before we start putting the money into the bolt fund. Not in this case, profits (or proceeds) in this case mean we give everything we earn to the bolt fund. We're not taking anything out for our efforts to produce the app. We have to pay sales tax on each app, and both Google and Apple take their normal commission. Everything that is left we give to the bolt fund.


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